Norwest Rugby Skills Coaches

Norwest Rugby acknowledges its age coaches cannot be experts in all facets of the game of rugby union.

They each have their own areas of specific expertise based on their prior playing and coaching experience.

By running scheduled Skills Sessions at regular intervals, and assisting individual players when they have specific needs, our Skills Coaches can ensure that all players are given the right opportunities to hone their skills, regardless of the background of their team’s coach.

Outside Backs

Brendan Lane

Brendan’s many seasons as a prolific winger and fullback for both Blacktown and Parramatta, and his confidence in the most difficult tactical situations, make him an ideal coach for the back three.

Inside Backs

Brad McClure

Brad learned his trade in the backs at the Parramatta Two Blues, and work hard with players to improve their hand-eye coordination, timing and running angles.


Dennis Nothdurft

Dennis’s experience in scrummaging is built upon years of experience as a back rower, lock and hooker for the Blacktown Warriors. He understands the subtle differences in each position in the scrum are critical to making all the pieces work together to make a winning scrum.


Jeremy Fleming

Jeremy’s experience in the lineout was gained in the tough environment of the NZ South Island. Jeremy seeks to make players recognise the tremendous opportunities every lineout presents, whether it’s a turnover of possession or driving maul.


Tom Filipo

Tom’s sports science background and love of the contest for possession make him an ideal breakdown coach. He focusses players on their body height, decision-making, technique and determination at the tackle contest.


Brendan Lane

Brendan’s small stature fooled many a big forward, thinking they could run straight over the ‘little winger’. Don’t be fooled. Laney is hands-down one of the best tacklers you will ever see, and his technique is almost perfect. He coaches confidence as being the first step in making any tackle.


Richard Buisson

Richard’s knowledge as a rugby loving soccer player, make a great asset for coaching the art of tactical kicking.

Strength and Conditioning

Tom Filipo

With a degree in Sports Science and Exercise from the University of Auckland, and a strong personal interest in physical training, Tom makes his conditioning sessions challenging for even the fittest of players. He focusses on exercises that are relevant to the needs of rugby players, while creating the variety necessary to keep players interested.

Coach Development

George Gargoulakis

As the NSWRU Western Sydney Development Officer, George provides valuable feedback and development opportunities to all of our coaches. He does this through regular visits to club training sessions and coaching workshops with our age coaches.