Positive Coaching Platform provided by NSW Rugby

NSW Rugby has announced its launch of the Positive Coaching Platform – an App designed to support players and coaches that was originally planned for release in mid-2020.  The NSW Positive Rugby Foundation and Ignite have been working fast since COVID-19 hit to transform the new coaching App into one which is more player focused, to improve skills and conditioning, whilst observing the social distancing measures that are currently in place. 
As a sampler, Michael Hooper stars in this tackle contest video to get everyone started. The instructions for registering and downloading the App are set out below:
a)      Go to www.igniterugby.com (do not use Internet Explorer, please use Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge etc)
b)      Register as a user – make sure you pick PLAYER (not coach). You will be sent an email giving you 7 days to activate the account
c)      Download the app from either: 

  • Apple – Ignite Rugby – https://apps.apple.com/us/app/ignite-rugby/id1450847972
  • Android – Ignite Rugby – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.igniterugby.mobilefirst.igniterugby&hl=en_AU ***ANDROID USERS once downloaded, pick Country as EUROPE or NORTH AMERICA (Australian app is having an issue)

d)     When you open the app – Select LIVE (not demo or QA)
e)     Log in using the account you set up
f)      Go to the top left menu bar and select SESSIONS (not S&C)
This video https://youtu.be/hLxkfxQINaQ also explains the set-up and download process. If you have any issues with accessing the App, please email . He will be able to assist you with resolving issues.
Please keep an eye out for further information coming shortly about junior rugby season re-start plans and more useful links and content, which we can all benefit from in our current environment.

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