About Minis Rugby

Minis Rugby covers the U6-U9 age groups and is an excellent way to introduce your child to the game of rugby. Children as young as four, both girls and boys thoroughly enjoy participating in the modified version of rugby. 

The Norwest Bulls U6-U9 age groups play in the Western Sydney Minis Competition. Minis games are played on Saturday mornings with venues located in north-western & western Sydney. This competition operates under the Pathways Laws and provide a series of age-specific modified rugby games. These modified games progressively develop the skills, fitness, and teamwork of all players maintaining a fun and family friendly experience for all participants

Where is our home ground?

Our Home Ground is located at Alwyn Lindfield Reserve, Glenwood NSW 2768

What days is training held?

Minis training is held on Wednesday nights 6.00pm

What Rugby gear do I need for my child?

U6-U9 – Football boots

U8-U9 – Mouth guards strongly recommended

U8-U9 – Headgear protects against cuts & minor head knocks. It does not prevent concussion but can help players develop confidence in contact. Headgear is not mandatory.

U8-U9 – Shoulder pads can help players develop confidence in contact and provide a degree of protection from impact. Shoulder pads are not mandatory.

Under 6 & Under 7 Age Groups

The U6 and U7 teams compete in tackle-free “tag” based games that focus on catch-pass, carry, & running skills in a fun & safe environment. Coaches are able to accompany their team onto the field providing supervision and instruction to make sure that every child is involved.

Under 7 age group introduce uncontested scrums & lineouts to slowly introduce different elements of the game as children grow. This allows them to develop their skills and confidence ensuring all players participate equally. 

Under 8 & Under 9 Age Groups 

The U8 and U9 teams begin to experience a more physical and technical approach to the game through the introduction of tackling, rucks, uncontested scrums & lineouts. These features of the game are further developed and begin to establish attack and defence principles in preparation to juniors. 

As the physicality of the game increases, so does our emphasis on safety. All our coaches are “Smart Rugby” accredited & Level 1 & Level 2 accredited to teach our kids how to safely engage in contact.

How can I get involved in coaching minis rugby?

Dennis Nothdurft (Club Coach) 0414 271 199 or email