2020 Junior Coaches & Managers


Vaughan Irwin

Under 10 Coach

Under 10s - Vaughan Irwin

Favourite Positions: Halfback

Playing Experience: High School Rugby, Norwest Dads XV.

Coaching Experience: 2 years of Junior Coaching for Norwest, Coaching Kids Rugby (U8-U12) Qualified

Rugby Philosophy: Build a strong team spirit and the kids will give their best for each other


Heinie Wynne

Under 10 Manager

Tony Turanga

Under 11 Coach

Coach: Under 11s - Tony Turanga

Originally from: New Zealand

Coaching Experience: Many years back in NZ. 2 years of junior coaching at the Norwest Bulls. Coaching Kids Rugby (U8-U12) Qualified. Norwest Coach of the Year 2017. Coach of Norwest Dads XV.

Rugby Philosophy: Developing all of the players in a team, from the newest to the most talented, is crucial to the success of the whole team.




Under 11 Manager

Dennis Nothdurft

Under 13 Coach

Coach: Under 13s - Dennis Nothdurft

Favourite Positions: No8, Breakaway, Lock

Playing Experience: Over 200 senior games (Defence Academy, Ipswich, Penrith, Blacktown). Current captain of Blacktown 3rd XV and Norwest Dads XV.

Coaching Experience: Accredited Level 2 Coach. 15 years of Junior Coaching for Blacktown, Norwest and Parramatta District, including two premierships. Norwest Coach of the Year 2013.

Rugby Philosophy: Rugby is the same as community life. There is a job for every type of player. Every player needs to do their job to the best of their ability and work together for the team to reach their potential. The job of the coach is to inspire every player to reach their potential and to help forge the bonds within the team.


Heath Rust

Under 13 Manager

Tom Filipo

Under 14 Coach

Coach: Under 14s - Tom Filipo

Originally From: Auckland, NZ

Background: Sports and Exercise Science, University of Auckland

Skills Coach: Scrum & Maul, Breakdown, Strength and Conditioning

Favourite Positions: No8, Breakaway, Front Row

Coaching Experience:  Norwest Bulls 3 Years

Rugby Philosophy:As a Coach, create an environment that is enjoyable and promotes positive behaviour that can be applied on and off the field. As a Team, respect, encourage support and trust each other. As an Individual, adopt the habit of competing with yourself, to better your skills and performance each time.


Richard Buisson

Under 14 Manager

Jeremy Fleming

Under 15 Coach

Coach: Under 15s - Jeremy Fleming

Favourite position: Anywhere in the second row!

Playing Experience: Longtime retired!

Coaching experience: First year as Head Coach. Many seasons as assistant Coach, been with the team from U7s.

Rugby Philosophy: There is a position for everyone. Every player in their position wants to do their job to the best of their ability. Trusting, respecting, playing for each other and the jerseys they are wearing.


Debbie Grehan

Under 15 Manager